Thursday, 19 October 2017

Our Product

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We actively trial different varieties of strawberries continuously to ensure the best possible flavour and fruit for our customers.

The main strawberry variety grown this year is "Albion" . This is a variety developed by the Institute of California and grows exceptionally well in Victoria. "Albion" has a very intense flavour and a beautiful glossy appearance.

All of our strawberry runners are sourced from disease free stock and are supplied by the Toolangi Strawberry Runner Growers Co-Operative situated in Toolangi Victoria.

We only pick from our plants for one season, ensuring premium, large, delicious fruit.

To help achieve and maintain our high expectations, we have developed and sourced the latest environmental technology, supported by a pure water source and fertile valley soils.

We are also certified with the Freshcare Quality Assurance Program, thus ensuring all our product and farm practices have passed stringent testing.

Every step of the growing process is strictly monitered to maximise our harvest potential and quality.

Our farm practices are strongly environmentally based .

Located in the Yarra Valley - Warburton - Millgrove we are fortunate to be in a very special location and do everything we can to preserve and respect our beautiful surroundings.