Thursday, 19 October 2017

Packing & Storage

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The final stage of our production chain encompasses our packing procedures and packing shed. A continual pick up of fresh fruit straight from the field ensures optimal freshness. This fruit is then chilled in our temperature controlled coolrooms to ensure quick cooling of product. Once the fruit has cooled down sufficiently it is moved to our packaging facility. Our temperature controlled environment coupled with our well trained staff ensure that our customers enjoy  premium strawberries at all times. We run one of the most efficient production lines in Victoria, ensuring all fruit is weighed and inspected upon packing.

We are also certified with the Freshcare Quality Assurance Program and complete an annual audit to ensure that all of our practices are in accordance with their product safety code .

Our fruit is picked, packed and dispatched all within 24 hours of picking..thus ensuring delicious fresh fruit for our customers.


We provide optimum storage facilities which are designed specifically to maintain the quality of our fruit. Our entire facility is backed up by industrial grade electrical generators to ensure that  power blackouts to not affect us or the storage quality of fruit. Our investment in these facilities backup our claim to quality.


Strawberry Punnets