Thursday, 19 October 2017

About Strawberry Springs

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Luciano  Corallo was raised on his family farm growing a variety of seasonal fruits. Luciano used this knowledge to establish his own retail fruit market and had many years of experience in this area. It was here that he truely came to understand  the customers' needs and how important high quality produce was to his clientele . Luciano started trialing different  strawberries as a major crop possibility and commenced growing in the Wandin area for about 6 years. "Strawberry Springs" started producing  in 1999 when Heather and Luciano Corallo followed their ambition to create a high profile, high quality strawberry farm in the Millgrove / Warburton area. Luciano selected his property based upon the potential he foresaw in utilizing the pure fresh natural water and organic fertile valley soils.

Strawberry Springs continually strives to produce a superior product through yearly field trials of different varieties and growing techniques.

Heather And Luch