Thursday, 19 October 2017

Natural Springs

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We are very fortunate to have a unique and pure water source right here in Yarra Valley Warburton. Our dam is supplemented with natural spring water which provides for all our irrigation needs. This pristine water source allows us to use water efficient filtered drip irrigation without the fear of silt and grime blocking up the fine micro jets.

Automated weigh station

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Our automated weigh station allows us to track the Strawberry performance on the farm.  Allocated into separate blocks, our computer system collates information relating to weight and volume throughout the season. We can compare different variety output and different climate performance. (ie: outside uncovered versus under netting or tunnels). We also use our computer weigh station to record the weights of fruit picked per picker, allowing us to plot wages and performances.

Canopies start to show return

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This year our strawberry canopies have yielded good returns again. The canopies have proven to provide a consistent and higher yield than exposed field grown fruit.  Protection from hail,  frost, extreme sun and strong winds have meant that the fruit underneath the canopies is of superior quality. A definite worthwhile investment. We have also discovered that our IPM (integrated pest management) is very successful under the nets. The "good bugs" love the protected environment the nets provide and have been found to populate readily, thus helping our plants fight off the "bad bugs" naturally.

The nets also allow less evaporation to occur in the summer months. The shading effect is good for the plants, the fruit and the water consumption.

New Power Generator

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We have just purchased a high capacity electric power generator to help with the unexpected power black outs we can experience. Living in the country can sometimes mean power supplies become tenuous , especially during fire season or during strong winds etc.  Our fruit supply chain can be compromised if we cannot run our refrigerated storage rooms and computer weigh station during power loss.  This addition improves our confidence to supply continuous high quality produce to our customers.